Friday, February 7, 2014

Help Campaigns to End FGM

We are glad to see that there is better awareness about the continuation of Female genital Mutilation. Good human beings have taken up the issue and vigorous campaigns are going on. Those who have not been aware of this issue are requested to read the background information provided in an earlier post. This is to invite your attention to some of the campaigns so that you can involve yourself in eradicating this evil. Read about the initiative taken by Daughters of Eve. Their successful e-petition to the Govt. of U.K. is still live.

Watch the video to see how seventeen year old Fahma Mohamed successfully carries on the effort. We request you to sign her e-petition, share it with your friends and spread the word.

Fahma Mohamed's Petition:

Tell schools to teach risks of female genital mutilation before the summer

Thank You.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Protect LGBT Rights , Ensure Fundamental Rights

In India, something embarrassing has happened. The civilized and sophisticated are confused. They ask themselves: Are we heading to an Indian form of Talibanisation with Hinduism as the cultural prerogative? The LGBTQ activists who were waiting at the Supreme court lawn in New Delhi for a verdict confirming their liberation, were utterly disappointed. See the report by hindustan times

Heated debates ensued in the media. What is the relevance of section 377 in 21st century India? Religious leaders- Imaams, Swamies and some Fathers - were highly eloquent when they praised the Judges of the Supreme Court for having protected the great moral tradition of India. Let us see what this great criminal code is:

LGBT Section 377  

By upholding the constitutional validity of the section in the criminal code, the homosexuals are termed criminals at a stroke. See  the dna report:

Supreme Court overturns Delhi High Court ruling, makes gay sex punishable

To read the full text of  what SC said: The Judgment 

NDTV said: " The Supreme Court on Wednesday brought back a colonial-era ban on gay sex, dealing a severe blow to the largely-closeted homosexual community in India and their long battle for legitimacy. "

Business Line(The Hindu) reports that the mood was  one of solidarity and protest on hearing the verdict.

Humanists and other Human Rights Activists have taken up the issue. has started a campaign :

Love is Not a Crime! Protect Our Right to Equality - #Repeal377

  You are requested to sign their petition to Government of India.You are invited to sign and share another petition to the supreme court campaigning for decriminalization of homosexuality: 

Decriminalize homosexuality in India

Another way you can join the campaign to help the LGBT people in their plight is by just making a mobile phone call:


Times Campaign 


The article in the commentary column by Kunal Majumdar in Tehelka examines the hypocrisy of religious minorities in the issue going beyond Section 377.

 If you prefer AVAAZ.ORG for your campaign, do not hesitate to use that popular platform for petitions. You can access the link below  and sign the petition 'to make love legal' :

To the Indian Supreme Court and Parliament

All individuals, groups and organizations are requested to spread the word . Thank You!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Amnesty Request on behalf of Jabeur Mejri, Tunisian blogger jailed for Facebook posts

We are wrong if we believe that Tunisia has changed. The case of  Jabeur Mejri, aged 29 should be viewed as a clear warning that it is high time for the global human rights community to shout for the release of prisoners of conscience as also for the freedom of expression of all Tunisians. He had posted a cartoon of the Prophet Mohamed on his Facebook profile in March 2012. He has been fined and jailed. Watch the following video :

Tunisian blogger jailed for Facebook posts

The following informs us about the background:

Help Get Jabeur Home

The link below takes you to the petition to Moncef Marzouki - President of Tunisia prepared by Amnesty International UK :

The Petition 

You are requested to sign the petition and spread the word.

Follow Up:

Jabeur Mejri freed, but conviction remains to be quashed.

The Amnesty Report.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Campaign For Free Press In Syria

What is going on in Syria?
There are supporting forces and countries on both sides – the government as well as the opposition. In reality, certain forces on both sides do not want the world to know the gruesome situation. Innocent women and children are the victims. The repression and harassing of Journalists by the Jihadist militias (under ISIS) are terribly on the increase. We condemn this attack on freedom to know as well as to express. We call on all lovers of freedom and human rights to join the campaign launched by advocacy groups. We demand to stop threats and attacks against the media workers in Syria. You are requested to read the petition statement reproduced below and access the site for the petition, sign it and share the link:
Free Press for Syria
In its last report, Reporters Without Borders considers Syria “the world’s most dangerous country for journalists.” Priority targets of the regime and its security forces since 2011, Syrian journalists are now facing an increasing deadly threat since 2013 : the Jihadists militias.

Facing retaliation if they denounce the abuses aloud, and facing extinction if they don't, Syrian media have chosen the former. Despite intimidation and threats, Syrian media are uniting for the first time and standing up together to demand an end to the crimes committed against all journalists. This is unprecedented and holds potential for real change. This coalition for press freedom and against intolerance has the potential to be the core of a vast popular movement.

However, Syrian media are taking a very serious risk by doing so, and their action will only have an impact if they receive enough national and international support to make a difference.
Please sign the petition to support the Syrian media who refuse the alternative between a criminal regime and intolerant extreme Islamists, and who show the possibility of a third way, equidistant from the Syrian regime and the Jihadist militias.

                                                               The Petition Site

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Amnesty International urges the Afghanistan authorities : Reject Taliban-era punishments

Afghanistan: Reject stoning, flogging, amputation and other Taliban-era punishments


The Amnesty International Official News

All individuals, groups and organizations interested in Human Rights are requested to do every thing possible to build up awareness in the global community to resist this return to the dark eras.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Quash the sentence, Drop the charges; Reform or Perish…

“……………………yet another sign of the arbitrary nature of Saudi Arabia’s justice system”: Hassiba hadj Sahraoui

Waleed Abu al Khair is a lawyer. He supports the reform initiatives getting stronger day by day in Saudi Arabia. He is known as a Human Rights Lawyer. He was accused of unlawful gathering and released on bail previously. In 2011 he had signed petitions demanding political reform. In the absolute monarchy of Arabia which is an anachronism in the 21st century, such initiatives are considered crimes. The Salafi clergy believes that they are maintaining Shariah laws. Even though the highest authority in the kingdom is not characterized as Caliph (Khaleefa) , the nexus between the clergy and the king’s family provides the administrative-cum-legal background for all sorts of human rights abuses. Even the western educated governors express astonishment at the way the entire modern world criticizes them: “ we are following our religion, why don’t they understand that”  is their basic attitude. Some Islamists and many modernist apologists remind us that theirs is not the real Islam. As if a seventh century ideology the greatness of which can be in the dreams and desires of  Muslims only could be the political philosophy of our day! In short, Waleed Abu al Khair is committing crimes legally and spiritually. The youth and students taught in the Saudi curriculum are quite innocent of the ideological implications of modernism. The latest fatwa from the kingdom (as of November 1st,2013)  warns the citizens by a Sheik against travelling to Mars even though 477 have applied for the ‘The Mars One’ mission  already!

 The advocates for reform are actually confronted by a tremendous task before them.

Quoting his wife Samar Badawi, Amnesty International says that in June 2012,  he was accused of disrespecting the judicial system , contacting foreign organizations and supporting the human rights of detainees alleged to have terror links. He had also been banned from travelling to the United States. To crown all his crimes, he has created a Facebook group, ‘Monitor of Human Rights in Saudi’!

The Jeddah criminal court has sentenced to imprison him for three months for the crime of signing the petition criticizing authorities two years ago. The criticism was against the harsh punishments in the case of 16 activists arrested in 2011. Alalam reports that ‘he would remain out of jail pending an appeal of the present sentence’. He has to his credit another trial relating to his activism.

Hassiba hadj Sahraoui, Middle East and North Africa Programme Deputy Director at Amnesty International, has denounced the verdict: “This trial is a yet another example of how the authorities abuse the justice system to silence peaceful dissent in Saudi Arabia”.

Amnesty International quotes his courageous and determined stand: “Currently in Saudi Arabia we are going through a critical phase for human rights defenders. Because the calls for reform have increased, an intensive campaign was launched to silence human rights defenders and to control public opinion.”
"I have no choice but to withstand the force of this storm out of respect for all the activists who preceded me and the principles we believe in. My only choice is to remain steadfast and to endure it.”


         11-1-2013,   AINA 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Post Scripts:           
    1. Court to review Badawi case

    2.  Amnesty again asks to release detained activists                                                                                                    

     For more on Human Rights activism in Saudi Arabia:  



                Help Saudi Arabian Enlightenment II

Human Rights Activism in Saudi Arabia - II

The Human Rights situation is getting worse day by day in Saudi Arabia  . We have previously expressed our concern regarding this : please see the message 'Human Rights Activism in Saudi Arabia - I' below dated January 21, 2013 (Monday).

Please read the detailed Public Statement by Amnesty International dated 10 April 2013, the link to which is given below:

The news about the court appeal by two members of the 

prominent Saudi Arabian human rights organization dated 

28 May 2013 is also furnished for your perusal:

Lovers of freedom, democracy, secularism, human rights activism and humanism are requested to do every thing in their capacity to build up campaigns so as  to create awareness among the people all over the world. If there is a Hell on Earth, it is here - in Saudi Arabia itself !

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Demand Freedom For Sharif Gaber


Sharif Gaber, 20, a student in the commerce faculty at Suez Canal University (Egypt)  has been arrested on charges of insulting religions and spreading atheism.(1). The detention is reported to be for 15 days pending investigations by the national security. Ahram online reports that on the basis of an allegation that he has formed a Facebook  group for atheism, the University filed a report on Sunday against him.(2). The source of  reports in Al Arabiya and Ahram online is the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression, Cairo, Egypt, an independent association established in 2006. (3). The victim of the decadent blasphemy law prevailing in Egypt is facing Jail sentence up to six years.

 All organizations, groups and individuals active for the furtherance of freedom of thought and expression are requested to urgently take up the issue and demand immediate freedom for Sharif Gaber.

Please make it a point to sign the following petition and help spread the word:

Egyptian Government: Free Sherif Gaber

4. The blog
The blog

Monday, October 14, 2013

Saudi Liberal Raef Badawi Sentenced To 7...

Abdul Majeed
Saudi Liberal Raef Badawi Sentenced To 7 Years In Prison and 600 Lashes
Raise Your Voice For Raef Badawi

Please sign the petition and spread the word:


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