Saturday, August 2, 2014

Uganda's Constitutional Court strikes down anti-gay law

 Uganda's Constitutional Court has struck down its recent anti-gay law! The 
"Anti-Homosexuality Act" said that people could go to jail for life for who they 
love. It also made it illegal for anyone to help lesbian, gay, bi and trans people in their 
fight for basic rights. Today, that law has been declared "null and void"!

This is a HUGE victory – even when faced with an enormous surge of 
violence and arrests, brave and dedicated Ugandans have kept up the fight 
against this horrific law. But the battle isn’t over yet. There's still an anti-gay 
law on the books and opponents threatening a violent backlash.

Now is the moment to show our support to the Ugandan LGBT community 
and recommit to the fight ahead. Please sign the supporting statement. It will 
add to their resolve to move forward.

Please read this report also.

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