Monday, June 16, 2014

The Class We Address and Our Plan of Action

Propaganda must precede the political offensive. And 

our propaganda will be addressed mainly to the educated men 

and women who are destined to lead the revolution in India in 

the given situation. Both in Germany and Italy, the Communist 

Parties failed to realize that, and therefore, they could not stop 

the rise of Fascism. Belief in a one class party persuaded them 

to neglect the middle class, which even in capitalist 

countries plays a decisive role. So it provided the storm- 

troopers of Fascism, and when Fascism in power threw some 

crumbs to the proletariat, they also followed Fascism.

We must appeal to that class of people which is capable of 

appreciating some human values, which can be moved by ideals 

greater than bread and butter, whose politics is not entirely 

determined by the selfishness of one particular class which is 

hungry. We must get over the idea that we are the chosen 

people of God. If we can appreciate high ideas, there are others 

who can also do so. We shall place before them not the ideal of 

proletarian dictatorship and classless society, but the ideal of 

human freedom. We shall tell them that, if you allow yourselves 

to be hypnotised by ‘Ramdhun’ you will have to send your wife 

to the kitchen and not allow your daughters to go to college. I 

have no doubt that there are many who will appreciate your 

ideas. And with them we shall create a general staff of 

revolution. That is our plan of action.


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