Thursday, December 12, 2013

Protect LGBT Rights , Ensure Fundamental Rights

In India, something embarrassing has happened. The civilized and sophisticated are confused. They ask themselves: Are we heading to an Indian form of Talibanisation with Hinduism as the cultural prerogative? The LGBTQ activists who were waiting at the Supreme court lawn in New Delhi for a verdict confirming their liberation, were utterly disappointed. See the report by hindustan times

Heated debates ensued in the media. What is the relevance of section 377 in 21st century India? Religious leaders- Imaams, Swamies and some Fathers - were highly eloquent when they praised the Judges of the Supreme Court for having protected the great moral tradition of India. Let us see what this great criminal code is:

LGBT Section 377  

By upholding the constitutional validity of the section in the criminal code, the homosexuals are termed criminals at a stroke. See  the dna report:

Supreme Court overturns Delhi High Court ruling, makes gay sex punishable

To read the full text of  what SC said: The Judgment 

NDTV said: " The Supreme Court on Wednesday brought back a colonial-era ban on gay sex, dealing a severe blow to the largely-closeted homosexual community in India and their long battle for legitimacy. "

Business Line(The Hindu) reports that the mood was  one of solidarity and protest on hearing the verdict.

Humanists and other Human Rights Activists have taken up the issue. has started a campaign :

Love is Not a Crime! Protect Our Right to Equality - #Repeal377

  You are requested to sign their petition to Government of India.You are invited to sign and share another petition to the supreme court campaigning for decriminalization of homosexuality: 

Decriminalize homosexuality in India

Another way you can join the campaign to help the LGBT people in their plight is by just making a mobile phone call:


Times Campaign 


The article in the commentary column by Kunal Majumdar in Tehelka examines the hypocrisy of religious minorities in the issue going beyond Section 377.

 If you prefer AVAAZ.ORG for your campaign, do not hesitate to use that popular platform for petitions. You can access the link below  and sign the petition 'to make love legal' :

To the Indian Supreme Court and Parliament

All individuals, groups and organizations are requested to spread the word . Thank You!

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