Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Campaign For Free Press In Syria

What is going on in Syria?
There are supporting forces and countries on both sides – the government as well as the opposition. In reality, certain forces on both sides do not want the world to know the gruesome situation. Innocent women and children are the victims. The repression and harassing of Journalists by the Jihadist militias (under ISIS) are terribly on the increase. We condemn this attack on freedom to know as well as to express. We call on all lovers of freedom and human rights to join the campaign launched by advocacy groups. We demand to stop threats and attacks against the media workers in Syria. You are requested to read the petition statement reproduced below and access the site for the petition, sign it and share the link:
Free Press for Syria
In its last report, Reporters Without Borders considers Syria “the world’s most dangerous country for journalists.” Priority targets of the regime and its security forces since 2011, Syrian journalists are now facing an increasing deadly threat since 2013 : the Jihadists militias.

Facing retaliation if they denounce the abuses aloud, and facing extinction if they don't, Syrian media have chosen the former. Despite intimidation and threats, Syrian media are uniting for the first time and standing up together to demand an end to the crimes committed against all journalists. This is unprecedented and holds potential for real change. This coalition for press freedom and against intolerance has the potential to be the core of a vast popular movement.

However, Syrian media are taking a very serious risk by doing so, and their action will only have an impact if they receive enough national and international support to make a difference.
Please sign the petition to support the Syrian media who refuse the alternative between a criminal regime and intolerant extreme Islamists, and who show the possibility of a third way, equidistant from the Syrian regime and the Jihadist militias.

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