Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Amnesty Request on behalf of Jabeur Mejri, Tunisian blogger jailed for Facebook posts

We are wrong if we believe that Tunisia has changed. The case of  Jabeur Mejri, aged 29 should be viewed as a clear warning that it is high time for the global human rights community to shout for the release of prisoners of conscience as also for the freedom of expression of all Tunisians. He had posted a cartoon of the Prophet Mohamed on his Facebook profile in March 2012. He has been fined and jailed. Watch the following video :

Tunisian blogger jailed for Facebook posts

The following informs us about the background:

Help Get Jabeur Home

The link below takes you to the petition to Moncef Marzouki - President of Tunisia prepared by Amnesty International UK :

The Petition 

You are requested to sign the petition and spread the word.

Follow Up:

Jabeur Mejri freed, but conviction remains to be quashed.

The Amnesty Report.

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