Monday, September 21, 2009

Scientific Outlook

Nature is vast and infinite. This means that our knowledge about this universe has necessarily to grow further and further. There is no end to such an expansion of the frontiers of knowledge. Naturalists are not shy to admit that there may be questions to which ready- made answers cannot be given at a particular point of time. However, they do not stop enquiry with an unsatisfactory explanation. In fact, Naturalism prompts continuous search for answers.

As probable explanations we may formulate hypotheses. But these will have to be tested repeatedly under different conditions. Untenable hypotheses are rejected. Results of experiments which bestow strong evidences we agree upon are confirmed as theories. The scientific method is based on the law of cause and effect. Every event in the universe is the result of some preceding causes and the same phenomena will result under similar conditions. This is the simple description of the scientific method which the Naturalists adopt to unfold the secrets of nature. Scientific method is not confined to the laboratory alone. One of the dark areas where this method is objected or suppressed is that of religion. The religious establishment is known to oppose enquiries of this kind. Religion may provide you with a certain number of dogmas. But their nature defies validity since scientific experimentation is either forbidden or out of the question. Believers rely on blind faith. No believer ascertains the truth value of his dogmas. Hence this area remains the darkest.

Brights promote scepticism and scientific temper in place of blind faith and religiosity. In their endeavour to dispel darkness, Brights engage themselves in educating the individual. They do not act as saviours. Instead, they shed light in to the recesses of creativity thus bringing out the potential of the individual, instilling confidence and optimism in life.

If there is anything self- existent and self – explanatory, it is nature itself.

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