Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Comprehensive Study On The Muslim Law Of Inheritance

A book on the reform of Muslim Personal Law, the necessity of the like of which has long been felt by Brights, Humanists and other Secularists in Kerala has been released in Malayalam. The title of the book when translated might read ‘A Comprehensive Study On The Muslim Law Of Inheritance’. ‘Muslim Pinthudarchaavakaasha Niyamam oru Samagra Padtanam’ is written by K.K. Abdul Ali Moulavi of Kaappaad. The author who has had the benefit of Madrassa Education for a decade is well versed in the different branches of Classical and canonical texts of the Muslims. Retired from a Higher Secondary school, the 67 years old author is still active in the human rights struggles of marginalized sections, persecuted authors and freethinkers. He was instrumental in the successful prosecution of the case relating to the murder of Maulavi Chekannoor who was a Muslim modernist reformer. His constant vigil and tireless persuasions kept the case alive whenever tendencies to relapse became apparent at various levels. The ban on the book ‘Chinvaad Paalam’(Chinvad Bridge) written by a Christian Missionary as a reply to the Muslim fundamentalist vituperations and consequent violations of human rights have now been challenged and brought to the attention of the judiciary due mainly to the efforts of Abdul Ali Moulavi.

In view of the vote bank opportunism evinced by the left and right political factions alike, we are confronted by a situation in which there is none to argue for the rights of the Muslim woman. What is critically examined in the book is the Muslim Personal Law enacted by the British in 1937. None can argue that it is perfectly in tune with the Qur’aan. As Asaf A.A. Fyzee had remarked elsewhere, it is “a discrete body of law and custom, varying considerably from the rules of shari’a as expounded in the early classical texts”. We have to be aware of the vile,vicious and wicked intentions underlying the hue and cry raised by Muslim fanatics and fundamentalists.

The area brought under investigation is regarded as highly complicated even by the ulema. One can boldly say that the present author is the best authority in the field. His contact address is:

K.K. Abdul Ali Maulavi,
‘Hikmat’ House,
Kozhikkode, 673 304.
Land: 0496 263 4314
Mobile:99 46 81 32 61.

The book, reasonably priced @Rs.120/- is available from:
Kuttyppuzha Nagar,
Thrissur, 680 oo4
Land: 238 1020
Mobile: 93 88 55 39 42

The book is a must read for anyone who insists on an intelligent approach to discourses on Indian secularism as well as the human rights issues concerning the marginalized sections within the minority religions in our society. It is a useful book for practicing advocates, law students and feminists .To those interested in the enactment of a Uniform Civil Code, this book gives insights into actual problems of life under the decadent divine edicts. It is in the fitness of things that the book is dedicated to the memory of the victim of fanaticism – Maulavi Chekannoor. The message from Dr. E.V. Usman Koya, veteran rationalist and a forerunner in spreading this idea in Kerala, is instructive and adds to the sense of aim and purpose of the entire text.
The author is on the lookout for the right person capable of translating this book in to English. I believe that a good English translation will help the activists of our All India Organizations engaged in the struggle for the legislation of a Uniform Civil Code. It will also be an important guide for the reformist activists within the various Muslim communities in other states.

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