Monday, January 21, 2013

Human Rights Activism in Saudi Arabia - I

"Arab despotic regimes must come to senses, end political 

stagnation before their people enforce it upon them" : 

In 2009, Muhamed Al-Qahtani,  Abdullah Al-Hamid

and some of their friends formed the

 Saudi Political and Civil Rights Association

(جمعية الحقوق المدنيةوالسياسية في السعودية)

The Saudi monarchy is reluctant to issue the necessary license for the organization to operate. The entire system based on religious traditions is on the verge of collapse. Concerned citizens naturally raise voices of anguish. The above tweet from Al-Qahtani is one of the last examples of such expressions. He and his friends have been exposing human rights violations. An Economics Professor (46), he is of opinion that his country is one where every conceivable human rights violation happens:

Human Rights agencies have all along been expressing their concerns. It is interesting to note that the head of global policing, America, has no qualms in continuing with their political support to the decadent monarchy. The present government of Saudi Arabia is a disgrace to its own people. The following from the Human Rights Watch is an eye opener to all:

The demands of the ACPRA include among other things: 

"First, Sacking The Saudi Minister of Interior, Prince 

Nayef Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud.  Second, Prosecuting Him, 

His Accomplices:  Directorate of General Investigation 

(DGI) Officers, Interrogators, Prison Wardens, and 

Judges For Systematic Human Rights Violations. Which 

Amount To Crimes Against Humanity, Because It Is A 

Fundamental Reason For Global Terrorism 


Abdullah Al-Hamid and Muhammad Al-Qahtani are now undergoing trial on serious charges. Human Rights activists entreat whole hearted support and help of all democratic individuals, groups and organizations in breaking the shackles binding Saudi intellectuals.

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